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What to prepare for your first visit


Once your appointment is scheduled, you will receive (via email or in person) a packet with several documents to complete prior to your visit. Please ensure you have read and understand the document entitled How to Determine OT Benefits (also included in your packet) to understand your OT insurance coverage and whether or not prior authorization is required. The onus is on you to be fully aware of your financial responsibility. 


If you have an in-person visit, please bring the documents with you. For telehealth visits please photograph or scan the documents and email them to BEFORE the start of your visit.


PLEASE EMAIL, FAX or BRING your prescription before your visit or at the time of your visit. If you have any additional relevant documentation, reports, scans, images or videos, please bring or email them as well. If file sizes are too large attachments may require being sent as a series of emails for each file.


If you are planning on receiving telehealth visits, please check out the

Common Household Items for Exercise page to gather what you can in preparation for our initial visit/s. 


If you are being seen for a shoulder condition, please wear a tank-top or similar type of upper body garment for assessment purposes. For arm & elbow conditions, any shirt that is sleeveless or loose sleeved and can be pushed up is fine.


For telehealth/online visit: try to set up your computer (if possible) in a well-lit area (in front of a window is good or near a lamp) AND check that your camera and audio is working and is at a level that is comfortable for you. High-speed internet is essential for quality video and audio: 3Mbps or more is good. Check your internet speed at .


If you are being seen for a telehealth visit, please clarify payment questions before your visit, either by calling 845-915-0115 or emailing Payment is via Square payments, Venmo, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, credit card, HSA card (health savings account), cash or local check. If you are not comfortable paying by credit card, PayPal is a trusted format but you will need to establish a PayPal account of your own prior to your visit.

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